General Rules

Damages done to buildings, furniture, library books, laboratories, sports goods etc. will be viewed as violence.


The staff of the school consists of Department Heads, and academic supervisors with the Senior Principal

Thirumathi. Gomathy Radhakrishnan, is the Chairperson of the Meenakshi Ammal Trust has rich experience in the field of Education.In such an alarming situation, the need for united efforts were realized where all the societies of the nation in form of the Government sector, private sector, the rich and the poor all were required to join hands for a common cause and the common cause was to uplift the level of education in the nation for a better tomorrow.

She was the proprietrix of 3 Commerce Institutes, viz., Sivasakthi, Babuji and Sakthi Institute of Commerce and has won many state awards. She continues to be associated with all Educational activities and is offering her valuable guidance.

Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Motto

We are firm in our commitment to the noble cause of Quality Technical Education in our country. We scrupulously mobilize our resources and train our students to be competent and confident in a compl