General Rules

Damages done to buildings, furniture, library books, laboratories, sports goods etc. will be viewed as violence.


The staff of the school consists of Department Heads, and academic supervisors with the Senior Principal


The Middle School Principal is witnessed in form of anonymousxXx James who is B. Sc., B. Ed and M.A.,M.Phil. and shares the though as under: Education is the priority of every individual. It is not merely in the text books and note books and getting high rank in every subject studied but it should motivate the students to become distinguished individuals in the society.Meenakshi Ammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School provides a platform for this and aims at producing individuals who are academically exceptional.

The Trust from the date of its formation has contributed to many fields of education and development such as the Dental and Paramedical Institutions, various hospitals, libraries, etc.

Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Motto

We are firm in our commitment to the noble cause of Quality Technical Education in our country. We scrupulously mobilize our resources and train our students to be competent and confident in a compl